If you were unable to buy shares during our initial share offer period, you now have until June 30, 2019, to purchase shares in Ye Olde Cross.

You can buy shares online at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to donate instead of becoming a shareholder, you can follow this link.

While our community now owns Ye Olde Cross, we need to sell more shares to cover the cost of renovating the pub in preparation for the re-opening.

All the information you need about buying shares to support the opening of Ye Olde Cross as a community pub is in our community share offer, which you should read before making a purchase.

Please note, existing shareholders can top in multiples of £20 having already made the minimum purchase. You will need your shareholder number to checkout. Online transactions can only be made for shares of £200 or more, but you can fill in a paper form and pay by BACS. Please read the share offer for existing shareholders before topping up.

If you fill in the online form below you can choose to pay by Paypal or by BACS transfer.

Alternatively, you can fill in and post a paper form and pay by cheque or BACS transfer. Paper forms are available in the community share offer document which can be downloaded.

If you’d like to pay by cash, need any help buying shares or would like to pick up a paper form, please send us an email at friendsofyeoldecross@gmail.com

Our community share offer and business plan have been given the Community Shares Standard.

This recognises the viability of our business plan and best practice in relation to raising shares.

We have worked closely with advisors from the Plunkett Foundation who have helped establish more than 90 other community pubs.

Not one has closed since being saved by their communities – evidence of the viability of the community pub model.

“It is possible to see a sustainable future for the pub” – Independent Business Survey Report for Ye Olde Cross

We need to raise £40,000 in order to carry out necessary renovation work on Ye Olde Cross.

Each share is worth £20, and the minimum share purchase is 10 shares at £200.

If you buy shares using Paypal there is currently a 1.4% charge+20p for each transaction.

This will not be added to your transaction – however please be aware that if we are unable to raise enough money to meet our target and need to return shares, we may not be able to refund the transaction fee.

Our shares are being sold under Ryton Cross Community Society Ltd, which is a community benefit society created for this purpose. You can read the RCCS Ltd company overview and rules here.

If you have any queries or need any help please email us at friendsofyeoldecross@gmail.com or message us on Facebook.

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